Why work @ Dineout

  1. Why work in a startup?

Why to work in a startup is a very subjective question with different people having different opinions. In my case, I had been working as an Investment Banker for nearly 6 years, doing 12-14 hour days. I realised that if I worked those many hours for myself, I would be able to build a much better value for myself 3 years later than if I continued working as a Banker. Hence, even though the money was great, I decided to quit and start dineout.co.in.

To answer this question, I look back at my journey and realise that for me, the reasons for joining a startup are ;

1)      Very High Satisfaction level
In a startup environment everyone is a contributor. There is no hierarchy and everyone’s contribution can be seen and felt in the company’s success. There is a much higher level of satisfaction across the team


2)      Multiple roles need to be taken on
When starting a company there is a LOT of work to do. Those who find themselves in an early-stage company will often get the chance to try their hand at multiple verticals outside of their core competencies. This gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves and engage in areas of business where they wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity.


3)      Great work environment & Team dynamics
You will likely find that the hours are less ridged, the office attire less stuffy, and the level of camaraderie significantly higher.


4)      Chances of progression much higher as team grows
Due to smaller team sizes, the level of responsibility increases and you are often plunged into taking on tasks outside your title’s norm. Startups often grow quickly and ‘promotion from within’ is typical for early employees.


5)      Rewards are much higher
Being an early employee in a successful venture can often set you up financially for life. 3 years with a successful startup is worth double in terms of experience with a larger company.


Why work at dineout?


dineout was started by Four friends, who have known each other for more than 20 year. They got together to bring forth their passion for business & food and started dineout.co.in. They have worked hard to build dineout as the premier table reservation service in the country.


The 3 words that describe the working environment at dineout are;


  1. Fun : We work hard but play even harder
  2. Crazy : We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (of course day offs are there) and it is bound to get crazy.
  3. Rewarding : making sure that our diners have the best possible experience everyday is very rewarding.


At dineout, each and every employee is equal and the management team makes sure that everyone contributes towards the success of the company.

Dineout is an amazing place to learn, about everything, from building a great company, to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.  A place where one can create an insane amount of impact everyday. We are a team which is very open to new ideas which align with our core mission.

In short, dineout is a place to have fun, fulfil your career aspirations and build a company along with building yourself personally and professionally.

And along the way, we have won many awards and some amazing accomplishments ;


  • Finalist, Startup India Funding Challenge 2013 by Stern Fisher and CNBC TV18 – Recognized in the category of “Disruptive Potential”
  • Finalist on the show “The Pitch Season 3” on Bloomberg TV.
  •  City Runner Up, New Delhi at Microsoft Bizsparks 2013
  • 1st Ever Websparks winner – January 2013  (By Yourstory.in and Qualcomm Ventures)


And we also have crazy parties to celebrate our success!!!


A Typical dineout Party!!!


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