Why work @ Axind

Why work in a startup?

Working in a startup is different from working for a large, established corporation. While there are pros and cons to both environments, startups offer some remarkable benefits.

My favorite is responsibility: you will be given a lot of responsibility in a startup, from day one. Most startups are small, and require that every team member pull his or her weight, taking on the task at hand and completing it.

Another great reward of working in a startup is impact. Every day you can see the effect of your work, good or bad. You are making things progress – this is incredibly fulfilling.

These two aspect combine to provide a sense of ownership that makes a startup experience exhilarating.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the possible multi-crore monetary reward after few years, if your startup succeeds!


Why work at Axind?

Pretty much for all the reasons why working in a startup is so great.

If you are on the tech side of the house, you will be able to work with the latest technologies on our SaaS web-based application.

If you are in business development, we will depend on you for taking the product to market and generating business.

If you are in customer support, you are the internal champion for our customers, and you make their voice heard inside the office.

We are agile, we are ambitious, we are growing and our team members are the ones making it all happen!

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